Cait in Kenya


Cait in Kenya

Taken at AIC Church Kipomet

This was during Church service on Easter Sunday. Now Easter is big there, but it’s BIGGER! Meaning that Easter Sunday there was a Choir competition and several Church Choirs were there singing. There were a ton of people around and little kids all over the place. People were standing outside and looking in the windows to hear the choirs. It actually is great fun. I had a lot of fun watching the various choirs perform. It’s one of the things I miss about Kenya, the music.

Here in the States, you must have a music degree to lead worship at church. In Kenya it’s the opposite. Choir’s are lead, not by men with degree’s, but by men whose heart is for the music of the church. Now at first I thought it odd, but after listening to the music for the past 2 years I’ve changed my mind. Choirs need not be lead by men with degrees. Choirs need to be lead by people with a heart for worship and a heart to serve the Lord. If those two things aren’t there, then why are they?

I talked to Oliver at AIC about this and he said something to me that I’ve remembered and kept thinking about. He said, “It’w what my heart tells me to do and it’s what God has been telling me to do, so I do it.”
Oliver doesn’t have a music degree, he really doesn’t have that great of a voice. BUT IT IS HIS HEART THAT MATTERS AND NOTHING ELSE! I miss that and I can’t wait to go back to Kitale!


Nairobi Kenya Dec 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

After waking up at 5am so we could get on the road to Kitale at 5:30am we were off on a roadtrip up to Kitale. Michael, Beaitrice’s husbands brother, drove us up to Kitale. He was GREAT because he became my own personal guide. We drove to the rim of the Great Rift Valley where we stopped and I took some pictures. Michael explained to me about how the Massai still are a nomadic people group as well as other tribes in Africa.

This trip took us all day.  We had one potty stop, but that’s another story not for the blog.

Michael stopped at different places to tell me about what we’re looking at.  When we crossed the Equator we stopped and Michael told me to take a picture of the sign because not every American can say they stood on the Equator.  COOL huh?

Once we got to Eldoret, we stopped to visit a little with Lucy, another sister of Nickolas’. She’s a nurse and she had a woman in labor when we stopped. Talk about being greeted like I was one of the family!  We talked for a little bit and then we were on our way again to Kitale.  The road after Eldoret was a rough one, but not half as bad as the roads in Liberia.

Once we reached Alice’s house we unloaded the car and came in. Stella showed me my room for my stay here in Kitale, and then she told me I could take a nap if I wanted to do so, which I did.

Traveling all the way here left me really tired and worn out, but I believe in a few days I’ll be totally back to my normal.  oh oh watch out Kitale, here comes Cait.