There is something that I just don’t understand at all. Why does God allow the good guys to die and then let the arrogrant, jerks, bullheaded, pigs, and #1 A-holes to live and go about their life as if nothing is wrong?

Robb was such a good guy. He cared about people, and he would actually go over to visit elderly people because it is what we are supposed to do. He loved both of his kids to pieces, even when they disappointed him he loved them. He supported me in my quest to get my BA and then my Masters. He would help someone who needed the help. I don’t know how many times he worked on someone’s car for free because they needed the work done and had no money to pay for it. He mowed our neighbors grass because it needed to be done and the husband was out of town working. He loved his parents and was there when his father died. We spent I don’t know how much going down to Arizona to see his Mom and Dad whenever we could go, and when his Mom got mad at us because we stopped before going there to see friends, he told her that we’ll go to Vegas instead of coming there if she continued to be mad at us. He knew how much I didn’t like being around her when she was mad, and I know he didn’t like it either. He was willing to take me to Vegas to avoid his mother’s wrath. Robb was such a good guy, I only wish he didn’t die that day in Baghdad.