VA Center Portland

I’m going over to the VA Center in Portland today for my weekly appointment with my psychologist. Yes I see a psychologist and frankly I enjoy it!

The VA Center is right on 122nd and it’s really easy to get there from my house. Usually when I go I’m the only female in the waiting area, which feels awkward at times. I’m used to being around military guys/gals but being around former military men is different. Most of the guys I see there are Vietnam Vets and a lot of them are high energy guys, well they are when I see them. The walls are adorned with memorabilia: helmets, BDU’s, and stuff like that. There’s a picture wall that Vets put their pics up on and some of the photos are older one from around the early 60’s. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, but I go there to talk to K.

I adore K. She’s a super nice lady and she listens intently to what I talk about. And she can get stuff out of me that I would never reveal to anyone else. Yes, she’s that good! Anyway I really enjoy going to see her and talk to here. Maybe someday I won’t need to go, but for now I feel as if I do need to go, so I’ll continue until the time comes when I should stop. When will that be? I have no idea and I’m OK with that!