Church Today Jan. 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

It’s Sunday and we go to church.  Alice and I walked across the road to the church. I sat in front and immediately I’m surrounded by kids.  A little girl named Faith sat next to me and she kept looking at me and finally she smiled. A bunch of little boys sat in front of me, Owen, Eamon, Carlos, and two others that I didn’t get their names. Now these kids were sitting through church and they were being really good. They didn’t sit perfectly still, but they didn’t make any noise or disturb the service in anyway.

After church and the end of service greeting, where you greet every single person in the congregation I came home for lunch.  The rest of the day was spent reading, and organizing my room yet again.

I’m finding Kenya to be really beautiful. The weather is gorgeous, and the people are more than kind to me.