The Garden

Cherry Tomato in a Pot

Cherry Tomato in a Pot

Purple Heirloom

As I sit here on my patio in the early evening the sun is still high in the sky. (You would understand if you lived in the Pacific Northwest. The sun won’t set until after 9:30 tonight.) The sun feels so wonderfully warm on the right side of my face, and then the cooled by the western breeze that makes the aspen leaves flicker in the wind. OH I need to water my little garden. So I get up and water with the hose.

The garden at my house really isn’t a garden at all. Two tomato plants in pots with flowers in pots surrounding them, and that is what I call my garden. I know it’s not much to look at, at least when you compare this garden to those at the corner of SE 10th and Ellsworth, where there are multiple gardens growing next to each other.

A few years have past since I first started thinking about my garden. What would it look like, how much would I grow, and then reality set in. A big garden would be overwhelming for me and as much as I’d like to grow food I’m not sure I could handle a large garden. This year I started very small.

Two tomato plants is all there is and I’m Okay with that. One plant is a cherry tomato and the other, here’s the exciting part, is a heirloom purple tomato. I can’t wait to see what grows this year. Will the purple really be purple or a dark red that maybe looks like it could be purple if the light hit it in just the perfect angle?

Well there are only 2 cherry tomatoes that I can find, but a lot of flowers and the purple has a lot of flowers as well. So time will tell what my little garden will produce. I wonder if my tomatoes will be sweet.


Being a Dad


When you think about a Dad our minds come to what our fathers were like and how they loved us. Here in these 2 pictures are of Robb and his daughter Robi. YES, I named my daughter after her Daddy. From the minute that child was born, Robb was hooked! He couldn’t hold her enough, he couldn’t watch her enough, and I don’t think he could have loved her more!

The first picture was taken right after we brought Robi home from the hospital. We were both so tired and Robb laid down with his daughter and took a little nap. When he was with her, he was so precious, loving and nurturing. I loved him for that. The second picture is when we took our first camping trip as a family. We went up to our favorite National Park, Yosemite and camped up on Crane Flats. We went hiking and I took this of Robb and his baby girl. Robi was a little over 2 when this was taken, and just so you all know, he always considered her HIS BABY GIRL! Isn’t that what all fathers consider their daughters?

Blue Wall, Good bye

Blue Wall

Blue Wall

The first pic is of the Blue Wall. I painted it that color in 2004. I figured it was time for a change, so now I have a light Green Wall.  Much better
Now the artwork is up and I like my new Wall. After taping, pouring, whacking my head on the end table, almost falling off the ladder, moving furniture and having stuff fall on my head and break, I’m done. I really shouldn’t paint. I’m not good at it. Oh well, I finished my big long wall, and I’ll get to work on the rest of the house in September.

Little Michelle

Michelle sitting on a sak of maize

This is Michelle.  Isn’t she adorable? She is the baby that was living in Alice’s house in Kitale Kenya. When I arrived in Kitale, Michelle was 3 months old, and when I left she was 8 months old. She grew a lot while I was in residence. What I love about Michelle is how she got around the house once she was mobile. That girl is quick. She got down the hall and back before I was done with working on the assignments for my 8th grade students. Personally I think Michelle is the most adorable little girl in Africa!

Pebbles, but no BamBam

Various colors of Pebbles

Pebbles in the sand on the Oregon Coast

In 2010 I went down to the coast in Yahats Oregon and was able to stay in a cottage right on the beach. My friend and I went walking along a particular part of the coast and we came across these pebbles. The whole beach was just like these pebbles. No soft warm sand anywhere to be found, but that’s how the Oregon coast is like. I haven’t been everywhere on the coast in Oregon, but one thing is for sure the beaches aren’t anything like the beaches in Southern California, South Texas, Mississippi, Florida, etc etc. The beaches in Oregon are still beautiful just in a different way. I love how the waves crash on the rocks and how you can just sit there and watch the waves for hours upon hours. I love the sound of the ocean in Oregon too. When you hear the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, you know you are at the beach. I love that. I’d like to go back to that little cottage someday and walk the pebbles again, maybe I’ll find the ones I saw in this picture (most likely not, but one can wish).