Dinner and a Movie

Tonight I got a call from a friend and she asked me if I would meet her and two of her kids at Killer Burger and then go to a movie. Seeing that I had nothing better to do, I said I’d meet up with them in 45 minutes.

First off, we went to Killer Burger! OMG, what a great burger! I got the classic which is a cheese burger with bacon and the rest of the toppings. OH MY this burger was so darn good. If I was Rachel Ray I’d say YUMMO!
The burger comes with Fries which are really good as well. What I really like about Killer Burger is, well there are a couple of things I really like. One is if you want a beer with your burger you can get one. Most burger joints don’t have that option, and I find it rather refreshing to be able to order a beer with a burger. I’ve been to Killer Burger twice and I have yet to order a beer, but the option is there if I so choose.

The movie we saw was The Bourne Legacy. Now I know the critics basically tore it apart, but I thought it was a good movie. I mean I really liked it. It’s a little slow in the beginning, but it makes up for it. Lots of action and suspense and this movie had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times. And I found another actor I like. Jeremy Renner! He was good, really good! YEP ya might say I liked the movie.


A Friend of Mine

I have this friend, she’s kinda crazy but not really. She’s opinionated (but not like she insists that you agree exactly with her), a little loud, and a great person. She’s been publishing on the web since before publishing on the web was cool. She knows stuff about publishing, webpage coding, and a bunch of technology stuff. I like her husband, he’s really a nice guy, and I even like one of their cats. They have two, but one of them just is way to picky and not laid back like their other cat.

My friend, she lives out on top of a mountain, and when you drive to her house you just keep going up and up…almost like the movie. The view from their is awesome and I’m totally jealous that she gets to live in a place like that.

Why I like her is really simple. She’s smart and she doesn’t hide it. She uses her brain to her advantage. She’s the go to gal for so many people who want to learn about publishing on the web. She’s the go to person when I want to figure out how to code my site to get it to look like I want it to.

I’m really glad I met her. I’m really glad we have stuff in common. I’m really happy that she’s in my life now. It’s always nice to make new friends, especially when they are like minded. Yeah, making new friends is nice.

Dinner time

Tonight I went over to my daughters home for dinner and to design a business card for my son-in-law.¬† The business card was easy because they needed to follow the basic design of the huge company they are consulting for. Basically all I had to do was change the names, address, and phone numbers. My son-in-law was very satisfied with the final results, even if I’m not totally happy with it. To really finish the card I needed the font style and color code for the business (the corporate business, not my son in law). They didn’t have that information, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with. I’m told it is perfect for them and this is what they need.

Then dinner with the kids and my daughter. (Son in law was at a meeting) I don’t know about anyone else on this planet, but my daughter makes the best mashed potatoes. I mean these mashed potatoes are awesome! I can say this because I’m a good cook. But when it comes to potatoes, my daughter outshines me everytime. A fact that I’m proud of I might say.¬†Besides being beautiful, my daughter can cook, and cook very well!! YEP that’s my girl!!!

Daddy’s New Girlfriend

My dad is 88 years old. He’s a short little guy at 5’4″ and he constantly has a smile on his face. I used to wonder why he smiled all the time, now I think I know. Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to where my dad lives and had lunch/dinner with him and his new girl. Now my dad is pretty with it with memory etc, but his girl isn’t so fortunate. Dad’s girl is a sweet woman, and I like her even if she asked me 20 times if I went to school and where, then answered that she went to the same school. I didn’t correct her or say she already asked me that. I figured why bother. I didn’t want to upset her or my dad, so I just went along with it. And besides, it was kinda cute.

I had a really nice time hanging with my dad for a while. He’s doing pretty good considering his overall health. He now has a walker, and can’t drive any longer, and his fingers still have no feeling in them because of all of the dry ice he handled during the years he owned the ice cream shop. For 88 Dad’s in really good health, and living where he is he’s eating right and not eating at a restaurant for every meal. I’m just glad he’s happy there and he has a new girlfriend. I did, however, tell him no more step-moms for me. Enough is enough already. Well what can I say, that’s my dad.