I Remember: a poem

I remember

Walking to school,

Riding my bike,

Swim in the pool

Taking a hike


I remember

Riding my horse

Sweeping the barn

live in the city

Not on a farm


I remember


Purple and White

Piedmont Senior High

My pants weren’t tight


I remember

Seeing him first

In parking lot

Made my heart burst

He was so hot


I remember

Getting married

Living with him

Life was harried

Not a bit grim


I remember

Robi Lee’s birth

Army Reserves

I had a girth

Making preserves


I remember

Vancouver house

Dylan and Dad

Chasing the mouse

Life was not bad


I remember

Nine eleven

All the changes

He’s no E-seven

We’re here long range


I remember

His deployment

Did not know what this meant

Packages sent

I paid the rent


I remember

Being notified

The funeral

Being Terrified

feeling fried.


I remember

All of that stuff

Now don’t give me gruff

It’s in the past

Time went by fast.

I remember





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