Lorelle sent this to me

Above is a link that Lorelle sent to me after she read my post on this blog. Now, I never knew she lived in Israel for a while, and I must admit I am envious. If anyone is interested in photography I suggest reading this blog. There is a lot of experience here and a lot of wisdom in photographing Jerusalem. I also suspect that with all of her travels she has a lot more “help” in this blog for all of us that love to take pictures.



Dome of the Mount

The City of Jerusalem

When I was in Jerusalem I was surprised how hilly this city is. Kinda reminds me of San Francisco with all of this hills, but Jerusalem is nothing like the city by the bay. Jerusalem is a beautiful city, but it is a big city with lots of traffic and people. Something that strikes me is how the old is given away to the new there. Aside building that were hundreds of years old was a brand new contemporary bridge, and I was so surprised I didn’t get a photo of it (rats!!)

This picture here is of the Dome of the Rock. Supposedly the Arc of the Covenant is below the dome, but it hasn’t been dug up yet as this land is owned by Muslims and they won’t let the Jewish people in there to dig it up. So what do the Jewish do? They dig totally under the dome. It’s amazing, but it’s what they are doing. I must say this is one of my favorite views of Jerusalem. I want to go back there someday and spend an entire week (7 days) there researching and learning about the early church.



Where's Harrison Ford when you need him?

When we walked around the corner of the canyon no one expected to see this, but this was the very first sight we saw once we were out of the canyon. It totally blew me away when I first saw this in front of me. I remember seeing the movie where Harrison Ford comes running out of the temple, and that part of the film was filmed right here, in Jordan. It’s an amazing site to see, and then to learn that at one time there was an entire civilization living here and thriving. They had a aqueduct built that kept flood waters from wiping out the people and their homes. It was truly amazing sight to see.

Sea of Galilee

Jesus Boat ride

Jesus boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Reggi and I rode on a Jesus Boat one afternoon. We went with our group and as for a boat ride it was the same as a boat ride here in the states. What was different was the entire fact that the boat was a replica of the boat Jesus would have ridden in when he was working with his disciples. The only thing that worried me was the 2 guys manning the boat put out and flew an American flag. There’s nothing like telling the whole world–lookie here comes the American’s, lets shoot them out of the water. Well maybe not everyone thinks like that, but I do.

Cairo, Egypt


Pyrmids of Egypt

One thing about Cairo is that is it a huge city. Traffic is horrible, it smells although I’m not sure what it smells like, and there are tons and tons of people. The cab drivers are about par with the New York cabbies, and the cabs in Cairo are black and white. What I totally enjoyed about Cairo was the sights like the Pyramids. Talk about impressive! They are huge, giant structures emerging out of the desert sands, and seeing them I was in AWE. If anyone has the opportunity to go to Cairo, you MUST see the Pyramids. If you miss them, then you will miss one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and that my friends would be a darn shame.

Stairway to Heaven

A Stairway on the Isle of Rhodes

Stairway to Heaven

This picture was taken in a village on the isle of Rhodes. I went there back in 2009 on a cruise and I then went on a tour of Rhodes. This village was what most of American’s think of when they think of a Greek village. Every building was white, blue roofs, and the streets were basically passageways where people walked from home to shop etc. I didn’t see one car in this village, but I did see mopeds. This stairway amazed me because I watched an elderly woman walk up those stairs with 2 bags filled with what I assumed was produce. I was totally amazed how quickly this woman maneuvered up the stairs, like she was still a kid. Well she didn’t move that fast but fast enough. She seemed to be in good health and I suspect it is because being Greek, she ate a typical Greek diet which is far healthier than what we (American’s) consume.
As I walked around this village I kept thinking how cool it would be to live here for awhile. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life there, but it would be interesting to live in a place like that for 6 months to a year. It’s not an easy thing to live in another country by yourself, but I would be willing to give it another shot on the Isle of Rhodes.

Egypt: A land of many faces

A Sand Storm in Egypt

Pyramid with an approaching sand storm.

I took this picture just as we were getting ready to ride a camel. Now if I was smart I wouldn’t have gotten on a camel in the first place, but then again I’ve never said I’m the smartest cookie on the plate. I’ve heard stories of how a sand storm can come rolling in and totally blanket everything with sand. Well it’s true. By the time this storm passed, I was covered in sand. I felt gritty and dirty the entire day, night, and all of the next day until about 3 in the afternoon when our guide arranged for all of us on the tour to have showers.

While I was sitting on the camel waiting for the storm to pass, I kept feeling the sand pellet my legs and arms. I covered my head with a scarf that one of the camel guys gave to me. (Yes I still have the scarf) Now as the sand was hitting me, I remember thinking “this shouldn’t hurt this much, it’s just sand.” Boy was I wrong! It hurt! I’ll never forget that camel ride for the rest of my life. I don’t think I want to ride another camel, well maybe a 2 hump camel someday, but if I ever get back to Egypt, I’m not planning on riding another camel. But maybe I’d like to see another sand storm from inside a vehicle and really watch in roll in. Now that would be cool.