Coffee on the Patio

Not that it’s a perfect morning, not that the sun is shinning, and not that I have another love out there with me, but what a nice morning out on my patio having my first cup of coffee. Here in Washington state the weather can be a bit wet at times, but when it’s nice outside it’s absolutely lovely. I truly mean that. This morning was an example of that. It wasn’t perfect outside, but then again it was between 6-6:30am (thank you Brodie for waking mommy up). The air wasn’t warm where I didn’t need to put on a light sweatshirt and it was a bit cloudy outside. With that being said, I found my morning absolutely lovely on my patio.

Perspective is what it’s about. How you view things around you, and sometimes I can be way off. I try to look at the good side of things. At times its very difficult to do, especially when I’m just not in the mood to be cheery. I like to think of the glass half full and not half empty. I think it’s a trait I received from my father. He is a happy go lucky kind of guy even at 91. He sees the good in most everyone he meets. There are a few sour spots but not many of them.

I recently returned from a trip to the U.K. I had a wonderful time there and I met some really nice folks. I love the countryside as the train sped by and as I looked at it from the plane. London is where I got my cup and my hat came from Bath. As I said I had a good time. Would I ever go back? YEP I sure would. There’s still so much to see and experience there and I’ve yet to see Scotland and Ireland. Hopefully someday soon I will see both.


My New Hat

This is my 45th Hat in my Hat collection.....Yes I love hats!.  I guess you can call this one my LOG hat.

This is my 45th Hat in my Hat collection…..Yes I love hats!. I guess you can call this one my LOG hat.

This is my new hat! I love it, but then again I love all of my new hats until usually they become my old hat. BUT that might be different with this hat. This one is signed, so I might not replace it as my “I love this Hat” tag. I’ll have to be careful and not wear it so much as to lose the signature, but that would defeat the purpose of wearing a hat. So I’m going to wear this one as often as I can and not worry about the signature.
OH this is from Lone Operator Inc. I especially like the American flag on the back of the hat. I’m told more products are coming from this American Company owned by an American Veteran! Check it out!