Fleet Week San Francisco

Last Saturday I went over to San Francisco to the wharf and low and behold it was Fleet Week. No we didn’t know. Needless to say it was a sea of people, and not just Navy personnel either. Civilians were everywhere. Now I just don’t like crowds! When there are people one every single side of you it is almost impossible to keep situational awareness up front. I know I sound way out there, but it’s something Robb taught me a long time ago. Always be aware of your surroundings, and on Saturday it was impossible to do so.

The best thing of the day was seeing the Blue Angels fly. Now they were pretty darn awesome, and that’s a lot for me to say because I”m Army all the way!! As I understand it there are some folks in SF that just don’t like Fleet Week at all, but not for the same reasons that I have. These people don’t like the fly by’s the Blue Angels do over the city. Personally I thought it was awesome how low they can fly over the city. I wonder if the complainers of SF Fleet Week actually realize what pilots do for them. I happen to think they don’t. When ever I see a fighter jet fly over Portland Oregon, I always think, “That’s FREEDOM” It is because of our military we are the United States of America and not the United States of Britain, Japan, Germany, or Russia. Don’t these people realize what our military personnel do? It’s a volunteer service, no one is forced to sign on the line. No one is put to death because they don’t go into the military. These kids, and many are just 18-20 year olds, are willing to put it all on the line for me! I think that’s pretty darn awesome. I have a lot of respect for the military. They give so much and most American’s have no appreciation for the job that’s being done.

Well, I for one, appreciates what the military does. YEA, Robb was killed in action over in Baghdad and if we weren’t there yada yada…I’ve heard it all. But I’ll tell you one thing. Without our military our country wouldn’t be ours.


A Military Widow

The other day a kid came to the door selling oil changes at a local auto shop. I even know of the shop. Anyway, he’s giving the speal about how great it is etc….and I’m listening as best as I can because Brodie is making a lot of noise. Brodie didn’t like the kid.

So after the entire presentation is given I tell the kid, I am on a limited income and I can’t afford what they are offering. That didn’t stop him, so he continued on and on…

Finally I told him I’m a military widow and my husband was KIA in Iraq. He replied simply by saying


Now I’m not quite sure what to think of his response, however I have to think he’s either an idiot or he doesn’t listen. So I’m going to go with he doesn’t listen. He is selling door to door after all.