At the Movies

On Saturday I took my grandkids to see Journey 2. Now my grandkids are 5 and 7 years old, and they really liked the movie. Me, well comments from the boy and his mother next to me ruined the movie for me. They kept repeating the dialog and commenting on the movie with idiotic comments. It actually drove me a little nuts. Why can’t people just be quiet and watch a movie? It’s hard enough for me to sit there and stay focused without hearing comments from the peanut gallery. My grandkids were great during the movie. They didn’t interrupt and kept their focus on the movie. It’s a lot more than the kid next to me did. Going to the movies isn’t easy for me to do anyway.

Ever since Robb died I have a difficult time staying focused on a movie. Everytime I watch a movie at home, I end up doing something else while I’m watching the movie. Sometimes I read a book or sketch in my notebook while I’m watching a movie. I never used to do stuff like that, but now I find it happening more and more. I’m not sure why and I’ll ask my psychologist tomorrow why this is how it is lately.

I’m glad I took the kids to the movie. We don’t get to do a lot of fun things together. Often when they come over I have little to no money to do much. Sure we go to the park and play, but going to the movies or the zoo is really fun and special. I don’t remember ever going to the zoo with my grandparents. I remember going to the Theater to see a musical, but never to the zoo. I remember riding the trolly car down Geary Street in San Francisco with Nana and Papa and I’m wearing my camel coat, hat, patent leather maryjanes, and white gloves. I even remember spitting my gum out because Papa said “young ladies do not chew gum in the city.” After he said it I wondered if young ladies chewed gum in the country or even if there were young ladies there, cause I sure wanted to chew my gum. LOL