Church Today Jan. 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

It’s Sunday and we go to church.  Alice and I walked across the road to the church. I sat in front and immediately I’m surrounded by kids.  A little girl named Faith sat next to me and she kept looking at me and finally she smiled. A bunch of little boys sat in front of me, Owen, Eamon, Carlos, and two others that I didn’t get their names. Now these kids were sitting through church and they were being really good. They didn’t sit perfectly still, but they didn’t make any noise or disturb the service in anyway.

After church and the end of service greeting, where you greet every single person in the congregation I came home for lunch.  The rest of the day was spent reading, and organizing my room yet again.

I’m finding Kenya to be really beautiful. The weather is gorgeous, and the people are more than kind to me.


Family Kosgei Jan. 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

OK, today is Saturday and it was a busy busy day for me here in Kitale. The day started with a quick shower, well not really a shower, but I had HOT WATER and I’m grateful for the hot water. Then breakfast with Alice. We then, Alice and I, walked to church and the service lasted over 2 hours. I was greeted by every single person there today. Needless to say it was LOTS of people. After church we walked back to Alice’s house through the cattle pasture (yes cattle pasture I kid you not) Then we decided to go into Kitale to pick up a few things.

Isaac drove us into Kitale where Alice and I went into a market to pick up some shampoo, soap, deodorant, bread, and some cookies. I also bought a air-time card so I can call home. I have yet to purchase a phone. I wanted to do so today but the store was closed. Apparently New Years Day is a holiday of sorts (go figure lol)

After the store, we went to Nelson’s house for a family party.  Talk about a large family.  The Kosgei family is really big. At the party today there were approximately 50 people plus kids (and God only knows how many kids were there) I even got to participate in the Kosgei family meeting. Ha Ha Nickolas I got to be there and you didn’t.  It was awesome.  I’ve never experienced that type of family before. All together there are 20 Kosgei kids. But remember there are 2 mothers, each gave birth to 10 kids. Now you get all of them together and you might expect a argument to break out, but that didn’t happen. The Kosgei family truly care for one another and to be with them was so special to me.

Tomorrow is church (yes again Vera LOL) and hopefully not much else to do.