In Front of The Screen

Now that I actually have a job teaching I find myself sitting in front of the computer screen every day and most nights. I do this so much I went out and purchased glasses for reading on the screen. I was so tired of trying to read through the transitional lens and my new glasses have remedied this little dilemma. Normally I sit until I get everything finished that was on my agenda however tonight was a bit different. Brodie, my Gordon Setter, quietly lays at my feet waiting for me to move.

Brodie was laying in front of my desk and being quiet except for the ever present cry that he makes most of the time. He rarely leaves my side, unless of course he’s upset with me for some strange reason. Anyway, so he’s laying quietly by my desk, when all of a sudden he sits up and growls. Not the mean growl or “I’m going to get you growl” but “I want you to listen to me” growl. I stopped reading the discussion board, and asked, “what do you want buddy?” Believe it or not he answered with growl growl. So I replied back to him, “so is it time to go for our walk?” The dog just about flipped here in the loft. He started prancing and dancing and growling telling me he was excited and wanted to go out for his walk. It took me just a few more minutes to complete what I was doing before I got up from my chair. When I did, Brodie knew we were going.

Walking down the stairs to get his leash and poop bags I usually go slowly, but Brodie runs down like there’s a major fire upstairs. He grabs his beloved hedgehog and runs around the downstairs waiting for me to get his leash. Once I get him leached up, we head for the door, but before I get there I realize I need poop bags. So back we go to get 3. Once we are out the door and the door is locked we start down to the main street and Brodie is at the end of his leash trying to get to every single bush, plant, and tree on the street. (he’s very good at this)

Our route varies every day and today I kept it kinda short because it was still hot outside. When it’s in the high 90’s I keep the walk to a short one, and being 99 degrees outside a short walk was what Brodie could handle tonight. As it was by the time we are less than half way through, Brodie begins to slow down and not pull any on the leash. Silly dog. Loves to go out, but with the heat he can’t handle a long walk. So now that we are back in the house, I’m back in Front of The Screen once again.


I Remember: a poem

I remember

Walking to school,

Riding my bike,

Swim in the pool

Taking a hike


I remember

Riding my horse

Sweeping the barn

live in the city

Not on a farm


I remember


Purple and White

Piedmont Senior High

My pants weren’t tight


I remember

Seeing him first

In parking lot

Made my heart burst

He was so hot


I remember

Getting married

Living with him

Life was harried

Not a bit grim


I remember

Robi Lee’s birth

Army Reserves

I had a girth

Making preserves


I remember

Vancouver house

Dylan and Dad

Chasing the mouse

Life was not bad


I remember

Nine eleven

All the changes

He’s no E-seven

We’re here long range


I remember

His deployment

Did not know what this meant

Packages sent

I paid the rent


I remember

Being notified

The funeral

Being Terrified

feeling fried.


I remember

All of that stuff

Now don’t give me gruff

It’s in the past

Time went by fast.

I remember




An Idea Came To Mind

An Idea Came To Mind

In the car an idea came to mind,
couldn’t write it down, no hands-free.
In a fleeting moment, it was there,
A moment later, eternally it’s gone.

In the checkout line, an idea came to mind,
desperate for paper, I turned around.
People in front and people in back,
I’m stuck in the middle, without you.

In the stadium seats, an idea came to mind,
my legal pad and pencil in hand.
People talking, yelling hurray,
Watch the game, you are missing him play.

In the car, an idea came to mind,
watch the road, cars, and lights,
right of way belongs not to me,
I’m in the car when an idea came to mind.


Isn’t it interesting when people make judgments (rash ones at that) based on the location of your birth. This past week some guy on Facebook judged me to be a liberal solely based on one simple fact. I was born in San Francisco. Because of the city of my birth, I, therefore, am a liberal. Which is so far from the truth.

What is it that makes people think they know a person solely by one simple statement. San Francisco is where I was born, it is where I spent the first 2 years of my life, but is does not define me as an American or a human. If I was to be like this guy, I would think every single person in New York City was afraid of guns. Which is utterly idiotic to even think such a thing. What I learned yet again this past week is very simple.

You can’t fix stupid! Idiots will always be around and a lot of them will make rash idiotic statements based on very little fact. I can’t fix them, nor at this point in my life do I want to try. I will, however, point out the error of their ways and move on.

Hotter than…..

OK, so I’m in Phoenix visiting my daughter and her lovely family. It’s HOT here. I mean it’s almost 10pm and it’s still 100 degrees outside. I mean, REALLY???? For a Northwest girl, this weather is excessively hot, but I’m liking it. It’s so hot that the kids (my grandkids) and I went swimming at 8:30 tonight and I finally got out of the pool at 9:15pm. It was simply delightful. Well except for the cannonball contest.

Poor kids they lost that one. Lesson learned, never challenge Nana to a cannonball contest. She will beat you’re silly little rear-ends every time.

Yesterday I went out and looked at new homes. It’s very tempting to move down here. I would be closer to the only family I have and I could spend a lot more time with my grandkids. BUT that means leaving the Northwest, where I absolutely love living. So its weighing in the pro’s and con’s of staying and leaving. hum big decisions coming up.