Sometimes Walking in this Life is not as easy as I think it should be. Somedays are really difficult to get through, and then there are other days that are a piece of cake. The walking through the difficult days is a lot easier than it was 6 years ago and I’m so thankful for that. I can see a future where those difficult days will still exist, but the impact will be so much less than it has been in the past. For me, finding new things to do is helping me explore new stuff that I’m finding I love to do.

One of those things is Archery.  I had my first archery lesson on Sunday evening.  It was GREAT! I LOVE SHOOTING a RECURVE BOW! For those who don’t know, a recurve bow is the “old fashion” bow, you know the kind that Robin Hood had. YEP, that’s what I like to shoot. Compound Bows are very popular as well and most hunters use them, but since I don’t really hunt,                 I don’t need one of those.Image


Here is my first target. Notice the bullseye, yes I shot that. HA.  YES it wasn’t very far but it still is a bullseye. What I loved about shooting arrows was how peaceful it was. When you shoot a gun, there’s a BANG, but with an arrow there’s just the sound of the arrow hitting the target. Then sometimes (usually when I mess up a shot) I can actually see the arrow curve and fly through the air until it hits the target. I’m really looking forward to shoot some more and refine my shooting and hopefully I’ll get to the point where I can compete in target tournaments. 


Olympics and Women

OK, so I know the Olympics are over, but it’s taken some time to get my thoughts together on this. 

Loved watching what I did watch, and I must admit I was surprised at some of the participants. Saudi Arabia allowed it’s first woman to compete which is a huge milestone for that country. She competed in Track and Field, which I thought was odd because there are other sports where women can compete and continue to be covered up. 

What about Fencing? I mean when you fence you are really covered up, and I think the Saudi’s could probably do very well with fencing. And equestrian events is another field where they can compete. I always thought that the Saudi’s were really into horses and had some of the best horses on the planet, so it just makes sense to me that they would compete in equestrian events. 

Why aren’t they competing in target shooting or archery. I mean these are a couple of the Olympic events that don’t require the athletes to be half naked. I really hope in the future more Islamic countries begin training their women for Olympic sports. I think they would be surprised to discover exactly what women can do in sports and still be a woman of Islam.