The Grocery Store

Where I live there are grocery stores that are one stop shopping. Meaning you can get anything in the store you might need, from hardware, clothing, home goods etc it’s all there in the store. Now up until recently liquor could only be purchased in a state run liquor store. Now because of how the voters voted you can purchase liquor in a grocery store. In a lot of states this is a no brainer. Grocery stores all over the country have liquor for sale, but here in Washington State it’s a new thing.

I was walking, down the isle, in the store and there in the middle of the wide isle was liquor. I walked by it until I came upon another display of liquor in the middle of the isle. I stopped. Cocked my head to the right and thought to myself, this is liquor and it’s in the store, how odd. It really struck me as odd that it was there. I’ve been shopping in the same store now for over 15 years and having the liquor there through me for a loop. I grew up in California and liquor was in the store and also in a liquor store, so I was used to seeing it in the grocery store. But after 27 years up in the Northwest I got used to having to go to the liquor store to pick up liquor. Now that’s not the case, and I can purchase it in the grocery store. Will I? Not really sure because I’m really not into liquor, but I do like Vodka and Rum and I keep some on hand but I don’t buy big bottles.

So next time you’re in the grocery store and you venture down the liquor isle, remember not everyone has the same experience.


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