Early Morning

Waking early in the morning used to be an aspect of my life I didn’t appreciate, but now that’s changed. I love the quiet of the early morning. In my neighborhood, I don’t hear cars started up and leaving at this hour, and I don’t hear school busses drive down the street. It’s 6:30am and all is well.

After thinking about these early mornings of mine I find that I truly enjoy being out on my patio when the day is beginning. The birds are the only animals making any noise, except for my dog Brodie who can’t stop trotting around the yard. Ah the dove’s down the street begin their call and that sound always reminded me of Kenya. Finally I hear a bell from the high school three blocks away, but it’s really early for a bell there to go off. (must be set for daylight savings times, I really don’t know) My flowers are doing well and so are my tomatoes which reminds me I better water them today.

Yes I really enjoy this time of the morning. Coffee, Brodie, and sitting outside on my patio. It’s the best part of my day.


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