There are times when I think TSA is a pain in my ass, and then there are times when I think TSA goes over the line in searching a 2 year old kid or an elderly person in a wheelchair. There are times when I think TSA needs a laxative and just chill out a bit. Today wasn’t one of those days.

As we approached security at Portland International Airport I was expecting to see a long line. I was expecting to see a TSA dog sniffing stuff, and sure enough there was a dog, but there wasn’t a line. I was a little taken back by that, and I thought we’d slow down in a second. Didn’t happen that way.

We walked all the way up to the guy who checks your boarding pass and ID. I wasn’t ready yet either, I didn’t have my ID out. Normally I wait in line and that’s when I get my ID out, but not today. Today was totally different than any experience I’ve had with TSA and security in the past.
Not only did we get through quickly, I didn’t need to take out my laptop or put anything in a grey bin like I’m so used to doing. Didn’t take off shoes or my belt, and I always have to take off my belt. I literally hauled my carry-on up onto the coveyor rollers and pushed it through, and then walked through the metal dectector. It was so easy, quick, and there was NO HASSEL! I’m still a bit in shock about it and I’m flying at about 33,000 feet.

Soon I’ll be at my destination. Soon I’ll see my family. Getting here was really very pleasant with the no hassel security at PDX….Way to Go TSA! Nicely done!


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