What is it? Do we even talk about it? Not really, but then again that isn’t what this posting is all about. Basically a hemorrhoid is a pain in the ass. Literally that’s what it is, right?

A pain in the ass. What exactly is a pain in the ass? Well I’ll tell you. A pain in the ass is simply someone or something that drives you crazy! Now there are a lot of things/people that drive me crazy. OH, I know you are wondering who is a pain in my ass? Well that will come later.

Something that is a pain in my ass is…….dealing with the everyday crap that just clogs your email. All that garbage that sits there clogging up your account. All that junk mail that finds it’s way into my PO Box or my mail box. Another pain in my ass is how people will equate the death of their father, grandfather, etc when they have died of natural causes with the death of my late husband Robb, who was killed in action in Iraq 8 years ago. There is nothing in this world like a combat death. From the last phone call to the notification team showing up on your door and all that follows, there is no death on this earth that can be compared. Remember, I’ve said this before, I’m not claiming a combat death is more heartbreaking, because it isn’t. But I am saying is a combat death is far different than a civilian death.

Someone that is a pain in my ass … well I won’t name names here cause that’s just rude. BUT there are times when certain people drive me up a wall. They ask stupid questions, not once but repeatedly ask the same question only to get the same answer over and over again. Drivers who insist on driving in the fast lane going 55mph. OH this one really gets me. The retired men who sit in lawn chairs on a street clocking cars as they drive by and writing down license plates. Don’t they have anything better to do? Another person that’s a pain in my ass are people who insist they are right no matter what? YEP they drive me crazy. People who like a post on facebook that they LIKE the announcement of a soldier/sailor/airman/marine/coastie killed in action. YEAH those people are a pain in my ass! I was told once they were honoring that military person. Well guess what? That soldiers family doesn’t consider a “LIKE” as honoring. Instead of “liking” the post send the family a condolence card and then follow up with some sort of card once a month for a year. Now that is a far better way to honor that soldier/sailor/marine/airman/coastie!

So, you see a hemorrhoid is not just a real honest pain in the ass, but it is something else all together.


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