Alone, not so much.


The past two weeks have been difficult for me. Between the anniversary of my husband’s death in combat and the birthday of my late son it’s been a challenge to stay sane and functioning. What I have found is interesting to me and I’ll share with you so maybe you might learn something.

I can’t count how many times someone has said to me, “you are not alone.” HUM….I wonder….if this is true? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not true.

I am alone. I’m OK with that.

Recently a friend asked me if I’d be willing to house a person until they get a job. Being way to nice, I said OK. Well I’ve come to discover it’s a huge mistake.
Not because this person is a bad person, cause that’s not the case. I simply have come to the conclusion that I prefer to be on my own. I don’t want anyone talking to me when I’m reading or watching a show I want to see. I don’t want anyone getting in my way inside the house. AND I don’t want stuff to get put away in the wrong place, namely pepper. Who in the hell puts pepper on top of the refrigerator? I know, crazy, right? That’s where I found it the other morning. Don’t insult my cooking either just because the mashed potatoes weren’t as creamy as you wanted either. So thinking you can do better you attempt and yet not enough butter, milk, and no salt and pepper (probably couldn’t find it).

So now I’ve come to understand how much I like being alone at home. It’s not so bad after all…


One thought on “Alone, not so much.

  1. I remember how I had to adjust living with Steve after years of living alone. Take care cait.

    Love Rhonda

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