It’s Upsetting to See

cropped-robbplaquefthood.jpgThis past weekend marked the 8th anniversary of my husband’s death in Iraq. His death truly changed my life forever. It’s been 8 long and difficult years in adjusting to life without him here and learning to live a single life. (not easy believe me)

With all that happened this last week, an invitation to a unveiling event for POW/MIA’s on Saturday (the anniversary) and a condolence card addressed to Dylan (who died 18 months after his dad) the last thing I needed was being disrespected. First let me make clear I realize they didn’t mean to be mean or hurtful. With that being said I still feel as if I was being disrespected. Here’s why. Much to my dismay and surprise I saw my picture of Robb on Facebook and I didn’t post it! Two women posted his picture as a tribute to him. OK, now the whole tribute thing is nice, but don’t post a picture of my man without ASKING ME FIRST! It’s my picture to begin with, I know where it was taken and the circumstances it was taken. Then to come across it unexpectedly was truly unsettling to say the least. Well, actually I thought I was having a heart attack when I saw it the first post, and then the second post the “heart attack” was worse. (anxiety attack, hate those)

I just don’t understand why people think (maybe they don’t think, hum) it’s appropriate to do something like that. I didn’t post a picture of Robb on Saturday. I posted a picture of Robb and ME, a couple but that couple is no more. I equate this as the same as posting a baby picture of a friends baby before the friend posts a picture of the baby. Totally inappropriate!

Just because the pictures are in MY photo album on my Facebook page does not mean you can use them. It’s stealing to take something without permission. Then to give no credit to the person who took the photo shows a total lack of character and integrity. (Never mind the fact, the original photo was taken in Iraq and I have NO IDEA who took it, but I put it in Photoshop and made it acceptable for viewing by the masses.) But because it’s social media, people think it’s a free for all and rules don’t apply. Well the rules apply on my page now, especially because I deleted the photos.

To all civilians out there, remember Master Sergeant Robb Needham was my BADASS, and no one else’s.


One thought on “It’s Upsetting to See

  1. Sorry you are having to deal with additional pain and frustration other than what would be expected. I’m glad you have a place to vent and express yourself, which you do very well. You have great writing skills.


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