A Reflection of Today

13 years ago I was in the bedroom when Robb called me into the living room. We watched a replay of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center Tower. Then we saw the second plane hit the other tower. I couldn’t believe my eyes and Robb was astounded by the pictures. Little did I know then how that action would ultimately change my life forever.

I went to work that day, like I aways did. The office changed somehow in that short amount of time. Ken or Josh (don’t know which one really) brought in a TV so we could watch the coverage. I know I didn’t get much work done that day, how could I. I didn’t know it then but everything was about to change forever.

Now we have a lot of security at the airports, lots of screenings, x-ray pictures, and having strange people go through our bags because they can’t recognize something in our backpacks. It’s happened to me several times. Last time it was in Houston when I came home from London. We have at our disposal the knowledge of the threat level, so we know if we can expect a terrorist attack. Comforting? I’m not sure on that, but it is what it is.

Robb was on his second deployment when a stupid sniper took a shot and somehow managed to kiss the only man I’ve ever truly loved. I pray and hope that sniper bastard is dead and I hope he died a painful horrible death!!!

All of this because some people want us to convert to Islam, pay for past sins of our ancestors, and only believe as they do.

Well I won’t do it! I won’t convert to Islam. I refuse to pay for the sins of my ancestors. It’s not my fault they started the crusades. AND last but not least, I refuse to believe as they do. I am a woman, I am strong, and if you push me I’ll shoot you right between the eyes. So beware ISIS, Al Quada, and whoever else is out there. This girl isn’t going down without a fight!


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