No, I’m not talking about painting a picture. I much rather do that than paint the interior of the house.

The last time I painted was back in 2004 when my late husband was on his first deployment to Iraq. I was a little crazy, well maybe not crazy but I thought the color theme was working. The colors were good for that time, dark blue, khaki, and a burgundy red. Yep, it looked pretty darn good, but now not so much.

Back in 2004 I had my dad living with me so he helped me paint. I wish I had him here now helping but at 91 and has to use a walker I don’t think he’d be much help. Well, except to tell me what I missed and to constantly tell me how to do it “right”.

Finally I decided it has to be done. So I check and see what supplies I have here in the garage, and I make a list. I go and buy paint, but I want to have enough to cover without going back to get more paint. Went to Home Depot and discovered I can get 5 gallons at a time. WOW that eliminates any shortage problems. However, what I didn’t count on was having way too much paint. I think I have enough paint to paint the spare bedrooms now. That’s my next project that I want to get done before school starts. Will it happen? Not sure. Late summer is a great time to go rafting, so the painting might be very slow in getting everything done.


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