Dropping Stuff Off

Now this was funny (at least to me it was)

I was running errans the other day and I had to drop something off at the lab at Kaiser Pernamente. Not a big deal right? I had to be there anyway for a dentist appointment and the lab was just across the parking lot.

I leave the dentist office (it’s all good, and my dentist is so adorable) and walk over to the main medical building. Walking down the hall I pass a family trying to get their toddler out the door who wanted nothing to do with “outside.”

I get to the counter at the lab and say, “I’m dropping this off.” There are four techs there looking at me like I’m so kind of idiot, and only one is smiling. Hum I begin to think.

Then one of them says to me, “We don’t take drop off’s anymore.” Well being the kind, gentle, and soft spoken woman <sarcastically> I am I answered in the only way I thought was correct for the situation.

“I call Bull Shit.”

The four techs CRACK UP!!! One of them says to me, “you know we’ve never had anyone say that when we tell them no drop offs. People just believe whatever we say.”

Then I say back to all of them, “Well, if you’re gonna have a poker face, ya’ll better work on it, cause it’s not working with me.” They crack up again.

SCORE one for Cait!!


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