Any Easier? No

Today I picked up my mail and I had a bill from GoodToGo, which is Washington State’s Department of Transportation’s way of collecting for bridge tolls. The bill was for $8.90, not much I know. But I had to call on it because the license plate was my old WSU license plate that was on my Chevy S-10 Extended Cab 4X4. This truck, my favorite, was totaled in a rollover wreck in December 2005. I know this because Robb rolled it and I went up to pick him up at the firestation since he had no injuries from the wreck. When I got to where Robb was, we then left for the place where the truck was sitting. It was then I took the plates from my truck. The plates have been in my garage since then.

Supposedly, a vehicle was driving over the 520 bridge on May 24th at 11am in the morning. Well, it wasn’t me, and I know for a fact it wasn’t Robb. He’s at Willamette National Cemetery section JJ spot 399. And there is no reason I would be up on the 520 at 11am considering I live in Vancouver which is about 3 hours south of Seattle.

Well, I of course am disputing the charge and I sent a letter with a photograph of the plates I have and a copy of the death certificate for Robb (DD-2064) which the Army gave to me. I made a copy of it because I only have a couple left and I’m not going to send one to the state. The state should have this on file, the flipping governor at the time came to the funeral and gave me a Washington State Flag for crying out loud.

Either one of 2 senarios has happened. !. Someone somewhere incorrectly entered the data wrong, 2 Someone in Washington state is making fake license plates which if that is the case, then the state has a much bigger problem than collecting $8.90 from me.

I certainly hope this is resolved soon because I ain’t paying $8.90 for a toll over a bridge that I never went over. HA!


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