A Legacy in The Quilt


It’s been several years ago now that my neighbor, Patricia Vigil, created this quilt for me. This is a very special quilt because it’s made out of all of my late husband’s shirts, both civilian and military. For those who don’t know much about quilting, as I did when we started this project, it’s a Log Cabin pattern. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now I say ‘we’ but please understand the only thing I did on this quilt was provide the shirts. I gave them to Pat straight out of the closet. I knew I didn’t want to keep his shirts hanging in the closet forever, but I really wasn’t ready to get rid of them a month after Robb was KIA in Baghdad Iraq like my mother in law told me to do. So I let them hang for almost 3 years, then one day I asked Pat if she could make a quilt from the shirts. I didn’t know if she could do it, but I’d seen some of the other quilts she created and thought why not?

I gathered up the shirts from our closet (it’s my closet now) and all of his military shirts from the Robb’s military closet in the garage. When I handed them over to Pat, I really and I mean really had no idea what this quilt was going to look like. If I remember correctly, Pat told me what pattern she was thinking of using, but I couldn’t swear in a court of law to that fact. All I remember at that time was wondering what the quilt was going to look like. I had no idea at the time what Pat could do with fabric and thread.

Now that I’ve had the quilt for several years, I still look at it and can tell you where Robb wore which shirt. I can tell you if he wore that shirt to church, to the Brigade Ball, or on deployment. I can even tell you where I purchased a few of them. You can surmise that this quilt means a lot to me. Some day this quilt will go to my daughter, Robi, and then to her daughter, my granddaughter Madelyn. Robb loved his daughter so much, and he loved little Maddy to pieces. So I think it’s only fitting that the quilt goes to the women whom Robb loved.


One thought on “A Legacy in The Quilt

  1. Thanks cait for the story of the quilt. Next time I visit I would love to look at it better. 🙂


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