Being a Dad


When you think about a Dad our minds come to what our fathers were like and how they loved us. Here in these 2 pictures are of Robb and his daughter Robi. YES, I named my daughter after her Daddy. From the minute that child was born, Robb was hooked! He couldn’t hold her enough, he couldn’t watch her enough, and I don’t think he could have loved her more!

The first picture was taken right after we brought Robi home from the hospital. We were both so tired and Robb laid down with his daughter and took a little nap. When he was with her, he was so precious, loving and nurturing. I loved him for that. The second picture is when we took our first camping trip as a family. We went up to our favorite National Park, Yosemite and camped up on Crane Flats. We went hiking and I took this of Robb and his baby girl. Robi was a little over 2 when this was taken, and just so you all know, he always considered her HIS BABY GIRL! Isn’t that what all fathers consider their daughters?


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