Truly Alone

Sunday June 15th.
It’s Fathers Day, a day we honor our fathers. This is the weekend when families gather together for BBQ’s, family games, and being together. Yesterday, Saturday June 14, I drove over to see my Dad at the retirement home and I took the usual route. I drove past a particular home and on the side yard there was a gathering of people having what looked like to me as a BBQ. At that moment I realize something that will most likely never change for me.

I realized that for the rest of my days on this earth, I will most likely be alone. I won’t be part of a gathering like that ever again. Once Robb died life truly changed in a very dramatic way for me. Where as I used to be apart of similar gatherings, I now totally realize that this probably won’t happen for me again.

I had my chance, and while I had it, it was really good. But that time in my life is gone now. So from now on I will remember the times I had with Robb and our friends and treasure them for the rest of my days.

I miss you Robb so very much. When you died, not only did you leave me, your death changed everything there was about my life and how I was going to live in it. I’ll do my best to accomplish all of my goals and your aspirations for me, but I’ll do it alone. Well that’s how I feel now.


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