Guatemala Trip with Mission Impact

Guatemala Trip with Mission Impact

Back in February I went to Coyolate Guatemala. Coyolate is a small village in the southwestern part of the county, it’s about 2 hours outside of Antigua. This picture is a Mayan woman weaving a strip of fabric with an beautiful flower pattern woven into it. The picture shows a traditional loom and she is literally on her knees.

The work this woman and women like her do is absolutely beautiful. They also weave scarves, table runners, handbags, and all sorts of beautiful works. I’m still amazed at the work they produce with the looms they work on. These are traditional women and weaving is one way they can support their families. When I go to Guatemala I try and purchase items made by Mayan women. Back in February, I purchased a beautiful blanket for my bed and I also got my father one. The blankets are a solid color and has some design on the sides.

Maybe next year I’ll pick up another one and when I get back home I can make a comforter cover.
Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll do. Well, after of course we finish the work in Coyolate.


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