So it’s a little after 9:30pm here on the West Coast and I’m so glad Thanksgiving is about over with and I’m not looking forward to Christmas either. Here’s why …

It’s rather simple really. People are posting on Facebook, etc that they are thankful for being able to spend time with their families. Which is a good thing, I know this. but I must admit it’s getting a little old for me. I hope this isn’t sounding like I’m feeling sorry for myself, well maybe I am, anyway…I’m glad my friends have family, kids that are home for the holiday and kids who aren’t deployed across the globe. I really am. I’m glad that everyone ate a lot of food, and most likely good food today. But what bugs me on this day is something that I’m going to need to learn to live with. 

This Thanksgiving my family is down in another state and I didn’t have the money to go and join them. So I’m here by myself at home. I did go over to my Dad’s retirement home and had a midday Thanksgiving meal with him, then I came home. I was invited over to a couple of friends places and I’m glad I went. But there’s just something about not being with your family.  Robb’s gone, Dylan is gone so it’s just me in this house, and I’m depressed as hell about it. Right now at this very minute, I actually hate my life, but on the other hand I’m Thankful for my life such as it is. Today it’s total crap, but tomorrow has got to be better than this. At least I really hope tomorrow is a better day.


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