Integrity is defined in the Oxford American Dictionary of Current English as one who has 1 moral uprightness; honesty. 2 wholeness; soundness.

I’ve come across a situation that has me confused. First let me say that I believe you should give credit where credit is due. It’s the right thing to do, would you agree?

My nephew sent me a link about an Altitude training mask ( and he told me what it does etc. Apparently they are actually good for training. Anyway, so I mentioned this training mask on a Facebook page and the owner of the facebook page asked what does it do. So I quoted my nephew, because it was him to originally told me about the mask. Now a few days later I see that this fellow posted a picture and a link of him using the mask, but in the same time deleted what I had said about the mask.

So do you get the picture? This guy isn’t giving my nephew through me any credit at all for introducing the mask to him. He’s acting like it’s his very own discovery. Now does that show any integrity?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I understand what I’m complaining about is childish, but it makes me mad all the same. As adults aren’t we supposed act like an adult? I try, I really do, but then something like this happens and it’s 7th grade all over again. When will adults act like adults? When will people who claim to have integrity actually live up to what they claim? Just some things I want to know.


One thought on “Integrity

  1. Well Miss Catherine, I definitely do get the picture and, I must say, I completely agree with your blog on Integrity. Boy could we talk. I had no idea you had this blog. I came upon it by pure accident. First off, I first came upon your precious life story on the very same FB page that you sort of referred to in this blog. My heart sank for you when you wrote of your sweet husband on the FB page. Kudos to you for keeping his memory alive & keep talking about it Sister because there are those of us who truly care. I know you are a Christian, as am I. Please know that although we have never met, I felt compelled to pray for you. My family member actually survived Iraq, although the medical community gave up hope, but yours did not. I cannot fathom the grief of your loss, including your precious son. I do admire your integrity & I’m sure your husband was the example of it.
    Back to integrity: It stings a little when people we look up to kind of let us down doesn’t it? I believe that particular action with the mask might speak volumes of someones true character. Made it look like he trained with that mask all the time didn’t he? What I like about your character is that apparently, you have a forgiving spirit & that comes from God. You have continued to post kind comments on that FB page & bless you for it. I had actually never done any social media my entire life until I had my family help me create a Facebook page, just so that I could post a comment to say “thank you” to someone that my son-in-law admires. I actually have 2 signed hats and a Sere C survival bracelet. Within seconds, I received backlashes from 2 other women who used to post comments on that page all the time. I was shocked. They had absolutely no idea who I was & I can truly tell you, I’m not one of Joseph’s stalkers. I think we both know what I’m talking about. I can’t believe some of those women aren’t ashamed of themselves. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t even know who Joe was because I rarely watch television, but my family talked me into watching some recorded episodes one Saturday because they knew I was an “outdoor-kind-of-gal” & thought I’d like it. The fact is, I’m trying to gather information when I can, so just in case I need survival skills, I’ll have some information on hand. It was nice to pick up on a little information here & there from that particular FB page, plus the owner of the page made sure that it had Christian undertones. It was also nice to read comments from “like-minded-people.”
    Being confused by actions: I’m right there with ya. Like I said, boy could we talk. I have discovered a lot of information & I’m sure you probably have too, but we’re both Christians with forgiving spirits and we give people a thousand chances & always want to think the best of people we look up to. So, where do we go from here with our thoughts of the owner of that FB page? Honestly, I don’t know yet, but time will always tell. Funny thing about fame. It has a tendency to bring a lot of ugliness out, including ugly truths. Fame destroys people, especially Christian people. I have an extremely close family member who has been in the entertainment industry BIG TIME 30 years now. I also work with Veterans & have a lot of inside information. I’ll say it again, boy could we talk!
    Being more positive: Who knows. We can never count out coincidence. Is the FB page occasionally manned by the same person that’s overseeing Cody’s? Was something deleted by accident, because let’s face it, he has admitted to learning & being a beginner @ all of this stuff. I can relate because I’m right there with him. On one occasion a fan accused him of not replying to come speak @ an event. Actually what happened was Joe had accidentally replied to my personal email, but I never replied back or dared to say anything on the FB page, in fear that I would received some sort of backlash from a female. Who knows, maybe it’s one of his girlfriend’s friends. I don’t know, but I saw a comment from another person who also received horrible backlashes when Joe apparently contacted her private page. I don’t understand why people do that? I think you actually covered that on another blog. Oh well, you could definitely teach me a thing or two about this internet stuff. I consider you a genius because you have a blog! 🙂
    Well, It’s 12:40 AM here. Need to go to bed, since I’m taking a couch to my youngest daughter up in Boone, NC tomorrow. I know I went on and on, but please know you’ve got another Christian Sister on this side of the good ole USA that truly does care.
    May God Bless You Catherine and thank you for sharing your love of your family.

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