Joint Base Lewis McChord

Well today I drove up to JBLM with 3 other Gold Star Wives to attend the Patriot Day Ceremony on Walkins Field. Nice ceremony all told, but it was really hot up there today. Only one soldier keeled over from standing in the heat, and no matter what happens there is always one who keels over and the paramedic team runs out to him.

Normally when I attend stuff like this I always meet the General, but this time I avoided him. You see my friend Stewart was on Post and I got to see him instead. Stewart is a great guy, and he was with Robb 7 years ago (on the 20th). Stewart will always have a special place in my heart. I’m so glad I got to have some time with him.

After the ceremony was over we stopped in Waller Hall to pick up Starbucks. I didn’t get a coffee, but it is one of the places that Robb and I would frequent on post when he was on active duty. I remember once when we went in and Robb saw almost everyone from the unit and they all had questions for him. And Robb being himself answered the questions. I was hoping to get into clothing sales. I wanted to pick up another window hanging thing so my Gold Star Flag would stay in my window. Currently it’s having issues staying up in the window. But Waller Hall was not in the cards on this trip.

But I did learn some things I didn’t know before. #1 If I go through SOS I won’t have to wait in line when I get my new ID card or DOD stickers for my vehicle. #2 The post is growing. The main road has new construction going on and a huge new light. #3 my favorite things on post were right there for me to see….yes people I’m talking about Helicopters. I love helicopters. I don’t know why but I do. I think they are cute. LOL


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