So there are days when you are so busy you don’t know what way you are going. Well today is one of those days. This week has been one of those weeks actually. I’m not sure what has happened but I’ve been busy doing things for my church and myself.

I’m trying to get back and start substituting again for Evergreen School District, so there’s a ton of stuff I need to do to make that happen, and everything that needs to be done happens to cost money. UGG. I need another copy of my Residency Teaching and that costs money that I really shouldn’t be spending but I need to if I want to substitute again. AND I need to bring in some money, and finding a job has proven to be most difficult. Hopefully subbing will supplement my income enough so I won’t be living on scraps at the end of the month. I still need to get my finger prints done again, but that will have to wait until next month. I forgot to ask how much it costs and at $68.50 for a set of prints, it will have to wait until next month. So my appointment is on Oct 1st.

I am now part of the Media team at church, so I meet with the other guy and we shoot and edit video for the Sunday Announcements. He is responsible for the overall outcome of the video’s since it’s in his job description. Me, I’m helping him and eventually he’ll hand over stuff for me to do. Hopefully we’ll be able to more with the video stuff in the future.

Then I’m the new AWANA Sparky secretary, so that means getting all of the paperwork in order for our Sparkies. I finally got all of the paperwork together and it took me a lot longer than I anticipated. Who knew that AWANA paperwork would be so detailed and excessive. A lot of the the details are copied elsewhere and I’m not sure why that is just yet, but I’m hoping there are good reasons behind all of it.

Well hopefully next week will be busy as well. I’m not complaining about what I’m doing, it’s just that it is a whole lot more than I’ve been doing in the past. It’s all Good~!!!


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