This REDNECK Thing

I don’t know about you (ya’ll) but I have to admit this whole Redneck thing is kinda becoming nice to see. I know for a long time being a Redneck was not the “in” thing, but lately I think being a Redneck has turned a corner. I’m sure it’s because of Duck Dynasty on TV. Gotta love a show where the people on it speak their mind whether the network likes it or not! LOVE IT.

Now I don’t watch Duck Dynasty all the time. I’ve seen a few episodes, but it’s not from not liking the show. Until I get a DVR box, I’ll watch my favorite shows. That is changing very soon. Anyway, lately I’ve seen a lot more men with beards. I think it’s because of the whole Redneck thing being cool now. Don’t quote me because I have been known to be wrong, but it sure seems to me that I’m right.

Up here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not uncommon to see a man with a beard. AND you see all different lengths of beards too! Close to the face to really long, it’s out there up in in God’s Country. A fella at church has a goatee and it’s really long, which his wife really doesn’t like, but I like it. I like facial hair on a man. What can I say? Maybe I’m a Redneck Woman at heart.


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