I spent the day, well the afternoon actually, at church working on the two new bulletin boards helping the director of Children’s ministries. Good day all told. But while I was there I got a bit dizzy. It happens a lot lately when my blood sugar drops. So instead of playing poker with friends this evening, I went to Safeway picked up for Gatorade, Goyo crackers and came home. After I ate the crackers and drank some Gatorade I felt so much better. A bit after I got home one of my best friends called and said they both needed a ride to the auto shop to pick up their cars. Well I was feeling so much better I said no problem! Call me when you’re ready to go. So they did call about 30 minutes later. Then to my total surprise, they took me out to dinner!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS…..I haven’t gone out to dinner with a couple in ages! It just doesn’t happen. I was so surprised, I was almost speechless. (as far as I can remember I’ve never been speechless) 

Anyway, Thank you so much Steve and Regina White! I had a great time with both of you.


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