Kittens Are More Important

Kittens that stopped service on 2 NYC subway lines found, taken away in crates

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When I read this I must admit I was appalled.  Here in this country we care more about kittens than we do of a pregnant woman who is considering to abort. Do we run to her and help her? No, we run to her and tell her she’s killing her baby. Why? Why don’t we go to her and simply ask, how can I help you? Do you need a place to stay? Do you need food? Tell me and I will help you. Why do we care more about kittens than a human?

Don’t get me wrong, I think cats are cool, but I value a human life more than a cat! I would say the same for puppies and people who know me know how much I love my dog. But our society has totally turned 180 degrees and forsaken a human over cats.

I know abortion is a HUGE issue, and I know how horrible it can be because I’ve had one. But why can’t we just come along side a woman and assure her that no matter what we’ll be there for her and the baby? Whether or not she wants to keep the baby isn’t the issue. What is the issue I’m concerned about is why don’t we take care of the woman and help her where she needs it most?

Now I understand some just can’t carry a baby to term and then give the baby up. I get that, but why do we just say OK get an abortion and walk away from her. Why aren’t we gathering her up in our arms and loving her no matter what?

Where is our compassion? Where is the love? I’m not against abortion. I believe there are circumstances where it’s necessary to save the life of the mother. But shouldn’t we walk beside that mother no matter what?


2 thoughts on “Kittens Are More Important

  1. I agree to some of this, I agree that it was all big business that made it acceptable and that there are way to many embryos are aborted. But I still believe that it should be the mothers choice, not the government or the people around her forcing her hand. I believe there should be more regulation around it, mothers need to be told what they are doing, the adverse effects that they very well might experience. Not calling an embryo a ball of cells but a living being. A heart beat develops at 14 days, doesn’t that make it a living creature inside of her? She needs to be educated about her choice, but it is her body and therefore her choice.

    I also liked your point on support. I thoroughly agree with that. If you read stories about women that regret their abortions you will often find that a factor of their choice was the people around them almost forcing them into it.

    • Thanks for the comment, however I don’t believe you understood my basic point. We, as a people, think more about stupid kittens and would stop commuter traffic to save them, than help a woman! That was my point. We save the kittens, but what about the woman? I never said it shouldn’t be the mother’s choice to abort or not. I never said anything about forcing her hand. My horror is that as a society we care more about kittens and puppies than we do about a woman who could use our support. Why do we “save” the kittens and not her? What that article initially is saying is that kittens are more important than humans, and that is just plain ole wrong! As far as more government regulations, well if that’s what you think then go right ahead, but my experience with more government regulations is the end result is far from ideal.

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