Anger Issues, DUH!!!!!

I was told I have anger issues. DUH! Be that as it may there are issues I’m so sick and tired of. #1. I’m so tired of people treating me like I don’t matter one bit. Really I’m tired of it, but for the life of me I let it happen. So from now on, I will NOT let people do this to me. #2. I’m so tired of people teasing me. There must be a sign on my forehead that says “TEASE ME” or something cause it happens all the time. So for the very first time a couple of weeks ago, I told people in my small group from church that I really didn’t appreciate being teased all the time. I only did this because I was beginning to have a difficult time distinguishing between being teased and people being mean. So I figured if I told people not to tease me, then I’d know who was being mean. #3. I’m so sick and tired of people not returning my phone, text message, or emails. Especially when I asked them to do so. There is one friend, well I’m not even sure if I can this person a friend. This person hasn’t returned a phone call or text (let alone email) since mid July. That’s a month! So um yah, I’m so tired of it. It’s like saying to my face I’m not worth their time. WHAT??? Well I just don’t get it. FYI, I stopped trying on July 29th and I won’t try again. I’m done! I will not let people treat me like this and disrespect me in this way.


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