A Gold Star Pin

Gold Star Pin

This is a Gold Star Pin. It is given to immediate family members of a Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman killed in combat. This is what it looks like and I received on because Robb was killed in action while on patrol in Iraq.

I’m posting this because a lot of people don’t know what it means. For me, essentially, it means on that fateful day my life changed forever! Robb wasn’t coming home to me. Instead he came home in a box.

I’ll not debate on whether or not Iraq was a just war, or whether we should have been there in the first place. What I will discuss is what I know of Robb when he was in theater. I know why he was there, and I know why he volunteered. The cost was great, but I think the end result is as it should be. Sam and his family were able to move out of Baghdad, and for me that is enough.


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