Where Is The Life We Have Lost in Living

A quote from T.S. Eliot from long ago and yet I believe we can apply this thought to our own lives. We all get so caught up in doing “stuff” that we believe we need to do and never give ourselves the opportunity to really live.

When was the last time you actually listened to a child giggle? Or when was the last time you took the time and sat down and talked to a child. When I say “child” I don’t mean a teenager either. Children are a window to the world. A few months ago I took my grandkids down to Lincoln City in Oregon for the day. They live about an hour from my house and about an hour from Lincoln City, so it was just a matter of pickup and go to the beach.  I can’t remember anytime before that where I simply enjoyed listening to them respond to different things around them, and hear their inquisitive questions they asked me.  

When was the last time you took the time to actually walk through a Rose Garden? In Portland, Or there is a wonderful Rose Garden in/by Washington Park. I haven’t been there in ages, and now I have this urge to go just to see the roses that are left on the bushes. 

I’m asking this because we often just go about our lives in ways that just bring in the money to pay the bills. I think it’s sad, I’m quilty of this as well, that we just don’t take the time to really enjoy life. If you work out, are you doing it for the simple joy of it, or are you doing it because you want to stay in shape. When you take a walk, do you actually look around you and notice the sky, flowers, other people, or that nice car as it drives down the road?

Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where did you put that life of ours? Did we get lost in trying to keep our heads above water or did we just give in to the lie that we must get ahead? 

I’m only asking this because I see it in my own life, and I’m wondering how I can change so I can Live once again?


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