The Words we Don’t Use

Seriously Seattle! In Seattle they have now discontinued using the words “citizen” and “brown bag” for fear of offending someone. REALLY? What’s next? It’s stuff like this that drives me crazy. So lets take a look at these totally offensive words.

Seattle has stopped using “citizen” in all documents within the city government because not all people who live in Seattle are “citizens”. OK that makes some sense really, because according to Seattle all people who live there are residents.  You don’t have to be a “citizen” of a country to be a “citizen” of a community. BUT I think it’s idiotic. To ban the word is similar to being derogatory to those who are actually naturally born citizens of the nation. It’s getting to the point where it’s derogatory to be a Citizen of the United States of America.

The other word that is being banned is “brown bag” because of it’s derogatory connotations against people of color. BUT wait a minute. When I was working back in the day, I would take my brown bag lunch to work like everyone else. If someone said to me, “so you’re brown baggin’ it today?” I would always say yes, because I was bring my lunch in a brown paper bag. I never even knew it was derogatory because I thought it was AWESOME! I wasn’t going out and spending money I didn’t have for lunch. I know now that a lot of people associate it with the color of someones skin, which in my opinion is silly to begin with. After living in Kenya for 5 months, I learned that being black is a beautiful thing. In no way shape or form is being black derogatory. Some of the most beautiful people I have met on this planet are from LIberia West Africa and Kenya! And don’t say there is no race issue in Kenya because there is a huge issue there. It’s called Tribalism and it sucks as much as any race issue on this planet. 

Why can’t we just change the meaning of “Brown Bag” to mean it’s a brown bag to carry items in whether it be lunch or groceries. Why do we always associate a person’s skin color with an item? Why? OH and why must we associate the word “retard” as being derogatory? Retard simply means to be slow. There is nothing wrong with being slow. Why must we be fast? Just because someone is slow doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them or you can’t receive love from them!  Instead of being derogatory term, why isn’t it a term used with affection and love? OK so someone is retarded, and that can mean a lot of different things, why do we associate it with being bad? It’s not a crime to be retarded, but we make it out to be. I have to wonder if we made the term out to be derogatory because we were afraid of the person who is the retard? Now I bet you, you automatically thought retard means a person with a mental handicap. Did you? Did you even think for a minute that I might be referring to someone who is socially retarded, which by the way isn’t a bad thing. Being retarded isn’t wrong, bad, socially unacceptable, etc. It is simply a state of being. No matter what that state of being is, it simply means slow.

Sometimes I think we worry way to much about offending someone when we should be more aware of what the word really means and not what society has made the word to mean. I could go on and on about this and don’t let me get started on cuss words. Because you all know there are only 2 cuss words in the entire English language. But that’s for another blog. 


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