The Mist on the Water


It’s 6:30am here in Stockton California, the sun is rising and the sky is clear. It is what I would call a typical summer morning here in the valley. What makes it so different is that I’m here and not up in Washington State. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live and I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else at this time in my life. Right now I’m in Stockton at my best friends home on vacation.

I woke up early and layed there in bed while I listened to a dove call out and it reminded me of Kenya, except I there I didn’t hear any freeway traffic. Anyway, my friends live on a man made lake and when I got up the mist was hovering right on the lake. I don’t experience this often because I don’t live on a lake and I’m rarely on a lake early in the morning. This is pretty different for me. But it’s beautiful to watch the mist as is rolls around just above the water and slowly dissipating.into the never-ever place.

(I wish typing on the computer wasn’t so difficult to see outside in the am when the sun is shinning on my face)

The morning dove is still calling and a hummingbird has practically flown into me a couple of times. Needless to say it’s been a quiet morning. Sitting on the patio in the early am is probably one of my favorite things to do at home and here. Here the company is human and can carry on a conversation with ease. At home the only conversation is me talking to the dogs. LOL. OH and the seating here is much more comfortable too! Man I love coming to this house where my friends live on a lake where the mist is on the water in the early morning.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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