This Week in The News

Well this past week was my church’s VBS week. VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. I was a helper in the crafts division (haha). Yes I helped in Crafts and I had a blast. Well not so much a blast but I got to work on 5 very different crafts and all of them I enjoyed. we made a fan in the shape of a hot air balloon, a flying Eagle with our feet and hands with paint, a spinning top, a kite, and I can’t remember the first one right now. LOL 

Anyway, the craft that made the most mess, was the Flying Eagle. The kids took off one shoe and sock, placed that foot in a stamp pad like pan with white paint and placed their painted foot on a piece of construction paper. Then they took each hand and placed them in another pan with paint and made the wings. We glued eyes and a beak on and there you go, the most messy crafts of the week. 

The most difficult craft was today’s craft. We made a kite out of paper. With the percise folding and taping and getting the kids to actually do it right was hard. But they eventually did it. What totally blue me away was kids today didn’t know how to tie a knot. I asked several if they could tie their shoes, many said no and these are kids in the 3rd grade and above.  What’s going on America? This is basic stuff kids need to know. Anway, today’s craft was great especially after we got the tails tied on and the string attached. 

My favorite craft was the spinning top. We took an old CD, hot glued a marble to the center and then a bottle cap opposite the marble. Then we put a CD label on top of the CD and the kids decorated the top of the CD. Below is what I did. I call it My Wyoming Ranch.Image


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