Can’t Sleep, yet again

There are nights like this where I wish I could just fall asleep easily. Does it happen? Yes occasionally it does, but not every single night. OH how I wish it did. I have so much to do tomorrow, I don’t have time to sleep or even take a nap. The garage sale is this Saturday and I have to be ready. No one is helping me get ready so I’m on my own. I was in bed but then Brodie started barking up a storm, so I got up. Big mistake, HUGE, GIANT mistake. Now the computer lures me over to the desk and here I am sitting in front of the screen typing away. UGG, sometimes I get ticked off at myself and tonight is one of those times.

I’ve tried natural sleep remedies and nothing really works. What gets me too is that when I went to bed I was tired. I had a busy crazy day. A good day but busy all the same. As I walked down the hall, all I could think about was how comfy my bed is and I couldn’t wait to get in it. NOW, not so much. Funny how you can change how you feel about something so quick.

Well I shall try once again to go to sleep, but I’ll read a couple of chapters in my book I’m reading….OH I have a NOOK, and today I found myself touching my book like it was my NOOK to turn the page. HOW crazy is that?


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