You are one of the most self-involved people I’ve ever met

Here is the definition of Self-Involved

Absorbed primarily or only in one’s own interests or activities.

I’m posting this because someone called me this over the weekend. I find it really odd, because when I ask a “true” friend, they just laugh and ask who the hell said that. 

I must say it bothered me to some extent, mostly because I really feel that this person doesn’t know me at all, and in fact she really doesn’t.  I’ve met her once and hung out with her with another friend on another occasion. So she really doesn’t know me, and yet she said I’m self-involved. 

I know I’m not what she claims I am. I am one of the most loyal friends a person can have, IF that other person is truly a friend of mine. I would do just about anything for a friend. Prime examples: I’ve stayed on the phone for hours talking someone though a rough night. Yeah I’m Self-Involved. I go to other countries and clean teeth, build water filters, teach English (for free), encourage other widows, and teach other teachers new methods to reach all students (again free). OH and yet I’m Self-Involved. I would LOVE to work with Military families and be the advocate for their kids in public schools, especially for kids with a deployed parent. 

Currently I’m trying to get to Uganda to work with Dr. Val and her husband, Waffle. Together they are keeping the peace between warring tribes, and I want to be a part of that and help with setting up a school for the children there. 

I believe before you declare someone to be something, you better make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s likely to bite you in the ASS if you don’t.

Some might think I’m bragging about myself, but really I’m not. I think I’m just tooting my own horn, so TOOT TOOT!



One thought on “Self-Involved

  1. I don’t know you at all, but in my experience I’ve found that people like that are deflecting. I think it’s sort of a sick coping mechanism. She’s a weak person to be pitied. Put a period at the end of this and move on with your own positive goals.

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