For the last few days I’ve been fighting a headache. I hate headaches. When I get one it really interferes in my daily life. Now I realize my daily life is BORING with no job, but a headache still interferes.

Today I wanted to go over to Portland to get my grandson his gift for his birthday, he’ll be 7 tomorrow. Anyway, I knew if I drove over the bridge with this headache I would get stuck in traffic. Not that there was any traffic, but with my luck there would be by the time I would be driving home.

Now I really haven’t had a bad headache is quite a while, but this one started on Sunday and I hope it has started to leave my head. Why must we deal with headaches? I’d like to know why? I know why we, women have cramps, it’s all Eve’s fault. So what happened to cause God to make it so we have to have these headaches. Was it Adam? Was it Adam and Eve? Did they have a silly argument and God decided, “fine you two idiots, here’s something for you to think about” and bang HEADACHE! YES, I know a little far fetched, but I really want to know and I’m sure there are others out there that agree with me.


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