It’s About Relationships

Life and Relationships

I do believe this say’s it all. Well, I think it does at least. There are some people who don’t understand this at all. They think that a person dies, so does your relationship with that person. That is NOT TRUE. Then they believe you should be a certain way, when clearly you are not what their vision of you is. It really makes me mad when people want to push you into what they want you to be OR they think you should be the exact same person as you were before.

I hate to break it to you people, but that’s not how it works at all.

Robb described me to others as being a particular way. Well, that girl doesn’t exist any longer, and the people who want me to be that way DON’T SPEAK TO ME ANY MORE! I’m not what they want me to be, and they don’t like it. I see it as they are denying the death of the other person in my life and life should be as it always was. What they don’t realize is very simple. Life constantly changes, no one stays the same after 20 years. For me and Robb we had 27 years together. On June 23 it will be MY 34th wedding anniversary. Just because Robb is dead doesn’t mean the RELATIONSHIP is dead!


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