He Never Said Good Bye

As I was sitting at home one late afternoon I finally figured out why I still miss Robb so much. I know, amazing isn’t it. 

Robb called me from Iraq all the time. He was the NCOIC (non commissioned officer in charge) so he always had the phone. On both deployments, he would call and tell me how he was doing. Some days he was great and then some days he wasn’t doing so well. I never asked him what was wrong, if he felt I needed to know he told me.  For example he called one time to tell me about the rats. Apparently where he was at the time, the rats were pretty big and the guys used them as target practice.  Then another time he called to tell me the Iraqi police they were working with shot a puppy, but didn’t kill it. They just left the puppy to die a slow death. Well, if you knew Robb and how he felt about animals, you would understand Robb’s perspective and that wasn’t going to happen. So he called and while he told me about the pup, and together we put the pup out of it’s misery.  I will never forget that sound as long as I live either.

So you get the idea of the stuff he called to tell me about. I now remember that after our call was ending he never ever said “Goodbye.” So I never said it back to him.  So I never said Goodbye to him, and I love him as much now as I did when we were talking on the phone. We never said Goodbye.

Many not be able to relate to this, maybe you will, I don’t know.  You see, it was my heart that was in love with Robb for 27 years, and it’s my heart that is still in love with him 34 years later. My heart never stopped loving my main man, Robb. My heart never said Goodbye.

 Our Anniversary is coming up this month. I met, fell in love with, and married Robb 34 years ago.  Some things are timeless, even when half of the party isn’t physically here on earth. I still love you Robb, Always & Forever!



One of my favorite pics of Robb. I call it, “My Man’s a Bad Ass” 


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