On This Day

Me and my boy051

This is my son, Dylan, who died 4 years ago tomorrow by suicide. I still miss him so much and I know his friends miss him as well. My son was a good guy. He was funny, easy going, loved little kids, and he was smart. He played the Bass, although I don’t know if he was really good at it, he never let me listen to him play. As a little kid he loved to help me in the kitchen. Once he made spaghetti and he decided to add something to it, but learned that cinnamon isn’t meant to be put in spaghetti. We ate it, and Dylan never did that again.

I will never get over Dylan’s death. It rocked me to my core, and I had just been rocked by the death of Dylan’s Dad just 18 month prior. One thing I want people to understand about his death is it happened at a period of time when Dylan just didn’t see his life as getting better. His wife divorced him, his dad was KIA in Iraq, and then his ex-wife married again on March 1st. One tiny moment in time Dylan just couldn’t take it anymore. OH how I wish he got past that moment in time. If he did, he would be here cheering me on as I try and find my way in life.

I love you buddy. You’re my favorite son.

Always and Forever


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