Who Cares????

OK, I think I’ve about had it with people “coming out.” I’m so flippin tired of hearing it. I really don’t care if you are gay or straight. What’s the big friggin deal anyway. So you’re gay, fine! Be happy and live your life!! I don’t understand what the big deal is, really I don’t? So what? I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. Why does it have to be a public declaration? You’re private life is private. Why do we all need to know if you prefer the same sex or not?

Shouldn’t all of us “straight” folks come out as well and declare that we are STRAIGHT to the entire world? Does the world care? I don’t think so, so why are we interested in other people? I don’t consider it as hiding what you are, just be yourself. If people don’t notice if you’re gay then what’s the big deal? Last year in one of my classes at Clark a young man, who never told me he was gay at first, designed something and I picked up on it. No big deal. It was a great design, at least I thought so. I really liked him. He was nice and funny, and he was a pleasure to have in class. Do I care that he was gay? NO. It makes no difference to me. 

Do I care if Jodi Foster is gay or not? NO. Rosie O’Donnell, NO. Victor Garber, NO…. Why does sexual orientation need to be discussed? My only concern with anyone on this planet is that are they happy in their lives? Are they living the life they LOVE? That’s what matters, not their sexual orientation.


2 thoughts on “Who Cares????

  1. Straight folk do come out and admit to their heterosexuality. They don’t do it by saying “I am straight”, They don’t have to. The instant they walk out the door and into the world, they declare it by hand-holding, by performing various acts of affection toward each other in public. They do so by the ads that sell sex and sex appeal. Movies constantly portray that when the man saves the world, he gets the girl too. Now they go on to show that instead of the man, it’s a woman out to save the world, guess what? She gets the man as well. It’s pretty heterocentric and heteronormal (for lack of better words) when 90% of the population is heterosexual, you don’t even think twice about it because it’s constantly there.

    Sure, the world has certainly changed since I came out of the closet in 1979 in that queerfolk aren’t as utterly isolated in their feeling different. There’s some media out there that shows the woman gets the girl, and the man can get the man The thing is though it’s not always easy to find. You’re lucky like I am that we live in parts of the country that are pretty “radical” and accept someone regardless of their sexual proclivity (I prefer that word over “orientation”), but travel a bit even in the United States (even sometimes as far as the circles you tend to travel within your hometown) and you’ll find that these “radical” ideas of acceptance are in fact quite alien. There’s still hate in the world for those that are “different” (be it the color of their skin, the religion that they follow, even the partner that they love) and such prejudice and hatred can make queerfolk (I prefer using that to “gay & lesbians” or “the gays”) feel extremely isolated and fearful. Even self-loathing for being ‘different’.

    Conversely, I rather like the thought of celebrities (and famous people) coming out of the closet. It allows some in this generation to have idols to look up to for not only the millions they make, or the fame they get for being on the silver screen but the partners they love. It’s certainly better than what I had before I came out of the closet. Back then, I had to *MAKE* my idols be what I wanted them to be — gay — and not so far into the closet that you had to find out they were gay in post-mortem… like Rock Hudson… or Montgomery Cliff.. Or the ever flamboyant Liberace who denied it as long as he could in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

    But to answer the question you asked as a header. You might not care. There are those — like me — that do.

  2. Michael,
    I can understand your point of view. However I still don’t see the absolute need to declare ones sexual preference publicly. Yes, there are areas in this country that still have issues with accepting a gay couple, and elsewhere in the world it is a punishable crime to be gay. What I’m saying is that now in this day I really don’t feel its necessary to declare to the world your sexual preference. I think that time has passed and now it shouldn’t be an issue. Obviously Hollywood feels it’s an issue and I wish it wasn’t. Someone’s private life is private. Someone’s life partner is a partner. The couple down the street from me don’t walk down the street declaring that they are life partners, but why would they? As far as I’m concerned they are good neighbors! That’s all I care about.

    It’s sad that all people can’t feel pride in who they are. I wish it was so.

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