Dinner and a Movie

Tonight I got a call from a friend and she asked me if I would meet her and two of her kids at Killer Burger and then go to a movie. Seeing that I had nothing better to do, I said I’d meet up with them in 45 minutes.

First off, we went to Killer Burger! OMG, what a great burger! I got the classic which is a cheese burger with bacon and the rest of the toppings. OH MY this burger was so darn good. If I was Rachel Ray I’d say YUMMO!
The burger comes with Fries which are really good as well. What I really like about Killer Burger is, well there are a couple of things I really like. One is if you want a beer with your burger you can get one. Most burger joints don’t have that option, and I find it rather refreshing to be able to order a beer with a burger. I’ve been to Killer Burger twice and I have yet to order a beer, but the option is there if I so choose.

The movie we saw was The Bourne Legacy. Now I know the critics basically tore it apart, but I thought it was a good movie. I mean I really liked it. It’s a little slow in the beginning, but it makes up for it. Lots of action and suspense and this movie had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times. And I found another actor I like. Jeremy Renner! He was good, really good! YEP ya might say I liked the movie.


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