Son and MomThis is my son, Dylan, and myself a very long time ago. Dylan was in high school when this was taken. This was at church on a Sunday night and it was a baptism service where Dylan was baptized. Dylan didn’t rush into this, he took a long time to decide that this was something he felt he needed to do. I was so proud of Dylan that evening. It takes a man to decide he wants to follow Jesus.

It’s amazing how life gets ahold of a person and the struggles that we all come across and some of us don’t make it through those times. For Dylan, he struggled so hard with so many things in his life. His father’s death, Dylan’s Divorce and his ex-wife’s remarriage, and the feeling that no one would ever love him ever again. In one moment Dylan decided to end his life. As sad as it is that he chose to end his life, and therefore change my life, I will always love my Dylan. As his Momma, I will always love my boy who turned into a man, and struggled so hard with life and it’s challenges.

I miss you son.


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